The purpose of the Education Advisory Group (EAG) is to provide expert advice on wound-related education and facilitate projects in relation to the education for members of the NZWCS and their stakeholders.


The EAG is accountable to the NZWCS National Committee and for maintaining professional links with other working groups within the NZWCS.


The EAG is made up of current financial members of the NZWCS, with expertise and a special interest in education. A maximum of six NZWCS members is required for the Group and membership is decided using a formal process by way of EAG communicating in writing to the NZWCS Committee for expressions of interest. The EAG will review submissions and collectively decide membership by majority vote. The EAG can co-opt others with specialist knowledge as required for projects.

When available the NZWCS Administrator will provide a secretary role. Otherwise members will share the secretary role.

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