Q: Do I get instant access?

Paying with a credit/debit card gives you instant access. Online bank payments are processed manually, so allow up to a week.

Q: Can I pay for the Conference and NZWCS Membership at the same time?

No. The conference is a separate joint venture with its own bank account. We suggest that you have two payees set up on internet banking - NZWCS and NZWCS Conf. 

Q: What is the cost of membership?

Full Member: $69

Student Member:  

Corporate Account $276  (access for up to 20 staff)

Corporate Membership $0 (uses a coupon system and is free for staff)

Commercial $138


Q: Should we enrol as a Full Member or as a Corporate Account?

Full Membership gives you the right to vote at the AGM.

If you have five staff or more, then a Corporate Account is a great deal.  When you apply for membership an invoice is auto-generated and emailed to you.  

Note that if you choose to utilise the Corporate Account option, a nominated person will need to forward all NZWCS correspondence to each of your nominated staff members.  For more information on managing a Corporate Account click here

Q: How do I get my membership number to receive discounts for the  Conference?

Look for your membership number on membership renewals you receive from NZWCS, or log in to view.

Q: Is it an annual subscription?

Yes, the anniversary is your application date.

Q: If I am on maternity leave can I pause my subscription without impacting my membership?

You are eligible for one free renewal.  Email the administrator with your maternity leave dates.  A coupon code, which gives a 100% discount on Full memberships, will be emailed to you, this must be done before your next renewal.  Refunds will not be given.

Q: Can I get an invoice with the purchase order?

Yes, the membership application process includes space for you to enter your Purchase Order Number.  An invoice is instantly created and sent to your email.  Forward this email/Invoice to your employer for payment. Membership is activated once we receive payment (you will receive an email when processed)

Q: Where is my receipt?

Once your payment is confirmed, the Invoice Status changes to Paid,  thus becoming a receipt, it is automatically emailed to you.

 Q: I've forgotten to pay my membership and now I can't log in to renew, what do I do?

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - you have two options 

1. Ask to have your details deleted and start afresh.  This however will disadvantage you if applying for scholarships for further study or conferences.

2. Ask to have your subscription date temporarily altered so you can then log in and update your details and pay. Your renewal date will be backdated which gives you continuous membership.


Corporate Accounts

Q: Which person should be entered as the Corporate ACCOUNT?

We suggest the Education Co-ordinator of the organisation has the Corporate Account membership in their name. Please make the USER NAME your Organisation name.

Q: Do my staff get emailed directly?

Emails are sent to the Corporate Account holder (as the employer) and this person disseminates the information to the staff registered as NZWCS Corporate Members. Please be sure to add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your address book so the newsletter doesn't go into spam. The Tissue Issue is converted to a PDF friendly version and placed on the website under the member-only section for you to access, your Corporate Account holder forwards emails when appropriate or prints, depending on local needs.

Please select your area as being nationwide if you span across more than one area.

Q: How do staff log in for free?

Once you have registered, paid and been approved, you will receive a Coupon Number to give to staff. This Coupon reverts the charges to zero.  Staff will get a renewal reminder when subs are due again.


Corporate Membership

Q: How do I change from Full Membership to Corporate Membership?

Log in as normal, under Membership select the tab “Apply for Membership” See the SIGN UP button in the Corporate Membership box (have your Corporate Coupon Code ready to enter so the fee changes to zero)