Wound Awareness Week 2024

22nd to 28th July


Fraile or Aged Skin (Dermatoporosis)


Wound Awareness Week 2024 (WAW 2024) aims to focus on the unique challenges and considerations associated with wound care for individuals with Fraile or Aged Skin (Dermatoporosis). The primary goal is to enhance awareness, knowledge, and best practices among healthcare professionals, caregivers, and the community to promote effective wound management and improve patient outcomes.


The aging population faces distinctive skin-related challenges, and Dermatoporosis, or Fraile Skin, is a condition characterized by increased frailty and vulnerability of the skin in elderly individuals. As the world's demographics shift towards an older population, it becomes crucial to address the specific concerns related to wound care for aged skin. Wound Awareness Week serves as a platform to delve into these intricacies, offering insights, education, and practical solutions.

In 2022, the ACC recorded 7,300 new claims for skin tear injuries among individuals aged 60 and above. Within the same age group, there were 7,093 active claims during the year, contributing to a total cost exceeding 5.4 million dollars for the ACC. (ACC, 2023)

The focus of WAW 2024 will be to improve the quality of care delivered to individuals who are at risk of Dermatoprosis.