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The PIAG is accountable to the the NZWCS National Committee while maintaining professional links with national and international organisations.


NZWCS Administrator will provide a secretary role.

The PIAG consists of NZWCS members with expertise and a special interest in the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries. Maximum of five NZWCS members required. Membership is decided from a formal process by way of PIAG communicating in writing to the NZWCS Committee for expressions of interest. The PIAG to review submissions and collectively decide membership by majority vote. The PIAG can co-opt NZWCS members if other specialist knowledge is required.


Minimum of four members (excluding secretary) to conduct the business of the meeting.


An agenda and supplementary materials (e.g. minutes of the previous meeting) are prepared by the secretary and will be e-mailed to members within a sufficient time frame before each meeting.


Coordinator - The Group Co-ordinator will ensure time-frames are managed and relevant information is forwarded to group members. The Co-ordinator will present a report at the monthly national NZWCS Committee meetings. A formal report for the NZWCS Annual Report will be completed annually. This position will operate on a six month rotation.


Location of Meeting - Use of teleconference and face-to-face meetings as approved by the NZWCS Committee.

Time/Day of Meeting - Meeting frequency will be determined by the requirements of the PIAG.

Updated July 2015

Approved by: PIAG members and President NZWCS – Emil Schmidt

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