Tuesday 6th November 2018

Mihi Whakatau

Opening address - Honorable Iain Lees-Galloway (4.05 mins)

My Lived Experience Lived Experience - Claudia Boyles (13.38 mins)

NZWCS - NZ State of the Nation - Prudence Lennox - NZWCS President (3.03 mins)

ACC - NZ State of the Nation - introduction by Nick Kendall - ACC, Manager Treatement Safety
and Sean Bridge - ACC Senior Injury Prevention Specialist (11.30 mins)

HQSC - NZ State of the Nation - Caroline Tilah, Manager-Patient Safety (6.34 mins)

MoH - NZ State of the Nation - Kathy Glasgow, Principal Advisor-Nursing, Office of Chief Nursing Officer (14.23)

Panel Discussion Part 1 - Sean Bridge, Caroline Tilah, Pam Mitchell, Kathy Glasgow, Nick Kendall (22.00 mins)

International Guideline Update - Pam Mitchell (8.22 mins)

Clinical Focus: Paediatrics - Sharon Cassidy (10.28 mins)

Pressure Injury Prevention: Across the Life Span Part 1 - Paula McKinnel ( 13.17 mins)

Pressure Injury Prevention: Across the Life Span Part 2 - Paula McKinnel (16.12 mins)

Pressure Injury Prevention: Across the Life Span Part 3 - Paula McKinnel (36.04 mins)

Clinical Focus: Aged Care - Madelyn Premacio (8.13 mins)

DVD - 'I thought I would Die From It' (not available due to copyright)

PI StagingPI Staging - Emil Schmidt (19.38 mins)

PI Treatment Bundle Part 1 - Emil Schmidt (18.11 mins)

PI Treatment Bundle Part 2 - Emil Schmidt (20.15 mins)

Clinical Focus: Surgical and Acute - Wendy Mildon & Alison Wallis (15.28 mins)

Panel Discussion Part 2 - Emil Schmidt, Pam Mitchell, Kathy Glasgow, SEan Bridge, Paula McKinnel, Nick Kendall (28.09 mins)

Closing Address (8.14 mins)

 The above presentations have been made into sections in order that they can be viewed as a series. The times of each section is given

The above programme is subject to change