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Friday 22nd May


Prof Bill McGuiness - 'Skin integrity at the cellular level'


Jan Rice - 'Advanced wound assessment'

Invited Speaker

Dr Mark Foley - 'Identifying Skin Lesions'

NZWCS speaker

Pam Mitchell - 'An update on the new Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Injury Guidelines'

Concurrent Sessions

Stream 1

Judith Barker – 'Pressure injury prevention: Putting evidence into practice'

Mandy Pagan – 'The clinical effectiveness of Wound Programmes in aged residential care – A Systematic review'

Elizabeth Frost – 'A Matter of Balance – Lateral thinking for management of a recalcitrant leg ulcer'

Stream 2

Emil Schmidt – 'Prospective randomised trial of low frequency ultrasound debridement in management of lower limb wounds'

Kate Gray – 'Sooner, better, more convenient – Positioning a virtual clinic (skin) in New Zealand's current health economic climate'

Emil Schmidt – 'Debridement within context of the EWMA Debridement Guidelines'

Invited Speaker

Dr David Young - 'Differential diagnosis of cellulitis & ulcers of the lower leg. Treatment of stasis dermatitis.'

Invited Speaker

Dr Glenn Colquhoun - 'Man with a wound'

Saturday 23rd May

Invited Speaker

Dr Richard Everts - 'Diagnosis and treatment of infected skin ulcers'


Prof Bill McGuiness - 'How to include the patient ideas but still deliver best practice with wound care'

NZWCS Speaker

Mandy Pagan - 'Leg Ulcer Advisory Group Report'

Concurrent Sessions

Stream 1

Emil Schmidt – 'Applying evidence based clinical practice guidelines when treating pressure injuries'

Rebecca Aburn – 'Multidisciplinary approach to caring for the complex diabetic foot'

Stream 2

Felix Mariano – 'Artificial dermis and NPWT assisted reconstruction of large scalp defects'

Yvonne Denny – 'The wound is at 'E', what now? – My experiences using Keragel T.'


Sharp debridement (Presenter: Jan Rice assisted by Cathy Hammond & Pam Mitchell)

Which dressing for which wound? (Presenter: Prue Lennox assisted by Margie Schofield)

Emollients & Creams – What, When & How? (Presenter: Dr David Young)

Hands-on practical applications for Venous leg Ulcer Guidelines (Presenter: Mandy Pagan)


Jan Rice - 'Pressure injuries and IAD Realistic endpoints'


Conference 2015 photos